Seletti I-Ware Porcelain Teapot with Gold Handle

Seletti I-Ware Porcelain Teapot with Gold Handle

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Seletti provides the perfect example of juxtaposition in everything they do! This porcelain teapot, providing contrasting Baroque style and metallic gold is no exception.
Quirky, collectable, conversation piece - we love this teapot for it's ability to convey wonder and whimsy within the confines of a beloved tradition.

  • I-Ware collection teapot
  • Material: fine porcelain
  • Dimensions: H22.5xD17cm (approximately)
  • Bright shiny metallic gold handle contrasting against soft matte white porcelain
  • Textured design with eye detail in the middle
  • Dishwasher safe
  • I-wares porcelain range includes - teapot, sugar bowl, tea cup and saucer with spoon and mugs
  • This teapot can be used alternatively to further utilise it's striking design. Rather than just English Breakfast tea - what about a delicate scented jasmine with rose petals, even hot chocolate for a french breakfast.
  • Don't stop with hot drinks - pop a rose in or a few peonies for a vase, turn on side and have choice chocolates spilling out with coffee, grace your china cabinet with poise and charm.

Since it was established in 1964 Seletti has been driven towards its vision of evolution. The Italian home design brand has pursued its mission of making the most of constant product research, striving for improvement, innovation and originality. The result is a world renowned brand, known for its unique and irreverent lifestyle pieces that grace the interiors of celebrities and discerning home owners across the globe.

Today Seletti continue endless product research, focusing on design projects and on the creativity which characterises the Italian excellence and their heritage. All of Seletti’s designs are enriched with style, quality and recognisability, and are created by important international designers. Many of their products launched in the last decade have become instant classics, recognised and appreciated all over the world.

Seletti blend art with everyday items, creating objects for the home that create a personal, fun yet functional lifestyle for the consumer. Their personality is synonymous with provocation and innovation, and they create collections that are controversial, typical of provocative art aiming to create something truly different.