Introducing Butter & Bright, where culinary dreams take flight!

Centrepiece Luxury ...

Whether you're a professional chef perfecting your artistry or a secret chefs in your own home, we have meticulously curated chef secret tools, silicon molds, and exquisite resin servingware to transform your culinary creations into masterpieces. Our mission is to help you put 'WOW' on the table when hosting guests at home, making every meal a celebration.

Our Foundation

Established in 2017, nestled in the enchanting Eastern Foothills of Melbourne, also known as 'The Nongs' or The Dandenongs, Butter & Bright was born out of our frustration as ordinary people who couldn't find the right tools to pull off a different style of cooking. We saw a gap in the market and decided to fill it with a burst of color, innovation, and unmatched quality.

Cylinder & Radius Edge Molds

Cylinder & Radius Edge Silicone Molds 

The Chia Pudding

All the tools required to re-create the Chia Pudding dessert created by MasterChef... 

The Adventure

Join us on this epicurean adventure and experience the magic of cooking with the right equipment. From the scullery to the serving, Butter & Bright is your partner in adding style, flair, and finesse to your dishes. Don't just cook; create a symphony of flavors that leave a lasting impression. Unleash your inner Masterchef, because with Butter & Bright, your kitchen isn't just a space; it's a canvas for culinary brilliance! 🌟✨

Masterchef Expert Jess Lemon featuring B&B molds

  • Bar Mold - Butter & Bright

    The 'Bar' Mold

    Endorsed by Emelia Jackson for her Financier Cake Mixes.
    Perfect straight edged, clean cut bars.

    Financier Bar Mold 
  • The Crowning Detail

    Pop these quenelles out with your fingers. If your wrists aren’t up to chefy tricks, then our mold creates quenelles by the dozen.

    Quenelle Mold