We are thrilled to partner with Jess for many of her masterpieces. These are her favourite moulds from our collections thus far!

Jess recently used these 3 moulds in her sell out classes at KOI in Sydney creating Chocolate Passionfruit Ferrero or White Chocolate /Milk Chocolate  and Raspberry Tart. Also used by Jess at Yagiz in Melbourne for a middle Eastern degustation dessert comprising of Date and Citrus. 

Check out how to make her White Chocolate Raspberry Tart here: 

To create the White Chocolate + Raspberry Tart you require our Mini Silicone Stone Mould, 15 cavityMini Dome/Hemisphere - 35 Cavity Silicone Mould.

To create the Chocolate Passionfruit Ferrero you require our Mini Dome/Hemisphere - 35 Cavity Silicone Mould+ Medium Half Dome Hemisphere 5cm Mould 8 cavity.



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