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Silicone PineCone Moulds

Silicone PineCone Moulds

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Your next dessert with our moulds will have jaws dropping all around your table!!

These silicone moulds create perfect renditions of a spiked, symmetrical pinecone!

Simply pour in a decadent dark chocolate mousse or cheesecake. Set it rock hard in freezer or blast chiller and manipulate out. (The freezer is always your best friend when you are unmoulding). 

Set on a nest of spun sugar or fairy floss, crumble up some soil and dust over icing sugar snow! A sprinkle of gold lustre will have eyes popping. 

These are fully dishwasher safe, oven safe, blast freezer and refrigerator safe.

SIZE - Tray length - 29.2cm, width - 17.1cm, individual pine cone height - 75mm, individual pine cone width - 60mm.

An iconic chef, David Vidal made the desserts in the picture you see here.

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