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Chef's Secrets

Collaboration with The Grounds of Alexandria!

Collaboration with The Grounds of Alexandria!

Fancy a Fig and Pisco Sour with Amour Heart Ice Moulds? Read on all about our Collaboration with The Grounds of Alexandria.


Just in time for last minute end of year dessert! Use them on anything... Fudge boards, Cakes, Tarts, Fruit Platters...let your imagination sparkle.

This fun video provides the technique for creating edible chocolate baubles! This video was created by Chef Julián Ángel. http://elciervo.co/

Baking with Pinecones...

Baking with Pinecones...

Many people have been asking about baking muffins and cakes in our pinecone moulds.

At Butter and Bright HQ we are here to say that it works like a charm!

We used the following recipe to make muffins in our moulds. They baked up just beautiful and paired with a fresh garden rose, a mini plunger of hot coffee and some butter our morning became 6 star! Imagine treating your guests to a Room Service tray like this, what a way to make them feel welcome.

Show Stopping Sweets for the Silly Season

It's nearly here! The most wonderful time of the year. 

Whether you're looking forward to prawns and prosecco in a sparkling summer holiday or trimming a turkey amidst twinkling lights the end of year revels are looming large. 

Let's make it a year to remember with a jaw dropping, show stopping dessert